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Mukisa William, Team Leader

Synergy Uganda is a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage greater collaboration between the thousands of Christian non-profits in Uganda and challenge them towards a more unified missional approach that targets the unreached locally, and globally.

Assemble: Global Prayer Coordinator | Coach for Team Leader

Mica Orth, MoveIn Europe Director

As a movement of regular tentmakers, we are dependent on outside voices of wisdom and skill to learn and grow. We would like to see MoveIners with different needs, ranging from skills/tools for cross-cultural engagement, skills for missional social media engagement, entrepreneurial/ start-up and business management, etc. connected to various professional/experienced individuals around the world in mentoring or coaching relationships.

Assemble: Virtual Mentors & Coach

Aaron Kirunda, Leading Next Leader Uganda

enjuba is a children’s education organization with the aim of helping children to reach their full potential through improving literacy and developing 21st century life skills like critical thinking, collaboration and communication. This is done through 3 major program areas, thus; the Uganda National Spelling Bee, this creates a spark among children and makes them to want to stay in school; Teacher Training – equipping teachers with the tools and skills they need to be effective and Publishing afro-centric children’s books that help children to fall in love with reading so they can learn to read and read to learn.

Assemble: Graphic Designer | Grant Writer

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Assembli’s mission is to build connections across the global movement of Jesus followers, that will enable, launch and support bold breakthrough projects. We believe that each person is essential to what God is building, and we will see greater success once we assemble our unique resources tohether. 

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